Mighty Bulls Kennel

We are small family run kennel, based approximately 20 km to the east of Vienna, in a small town called Weikendorf. My dogs are beloved family members and we all live togethe rin our house. They love to play in the garden together and they also love to cuddle in the evening on the couch. The familar community is very important for me.


Savannah of Canterbury 14.04.1997 - 28.02.2007

At the annual Bundessiegershow Tulln in 1997 i saw a little, white 5 month old Bullterrier girl called Savannah of Canterbury. It was love on the first sight. I moved heaven and earth to get her and a few weeks later I could pick her up.

She was a real godsend for me. Savannah is the foundation of my Bullterrier breed. She never was a showgirl, but she was a fantastic mother and always a great companion.

?Ch. Mighty Bulls Artful J?rg


After a few years of intensive work with this outstanding breed the idea occurred to start breeding. In 2000 I had my first litter with Savannah and she brought me only 1 puppy called Mighty Bulls Artful Jörg.
With Jörg- lovingly called Jörginator my dreams had come true. He was the Superstar. He has won one show after another and gained a lot of titles.
He also likes dogtraining and has easily passed every mentaltest. Meanwhile i had a few litters and with proud i can look back at many Champions. All live satisfied and happily among their families.

?Ch. Mighty Bulls Artful J?rg mit Welpen

Quality =  healthy parents x loving puppy breeding = Mighty Bulls 

A solid base is essential for the exceptional temper of our dogs, therefore appropriate rearing is very important. I take this purpose seriously, thats why the matings are well thought out and as soon as the puppies are born, we fondly foster them under ideal conditions. The puppies are fostered by motivating playing and we prepare them for their further lives with their new families. They are very well socialized and integrated in our everyday life. From the age of 5-6 weeks Jörg  takes the fatherly part of education and starts preyplaying with them. Every puppy is dewormed, vaccinated, marked  with a microchip and BAER tested. Of course I support the new families in every way and if possible accompany them through a whole bullys life.

Breeding does also mean to take responsibility for the animal! 

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